About us

About us

The beauty of nature and art combined

My photographic approach

How can you not marvel at the beauty of nature? For me, nature photography is a way of reproducing it in the best possible way, in sometimes unpredictable and privileged moments, sometimes feeling guided by the One who created it: the feeling of being in the right place and at the right time. I then try to convey this natural beauty or, at other times, in a more creative process through abstract photography, allowing me to bring an artistic creation added to The One of Origin, through a personal photographic look inspired also by the One who gave me the gift.

Nature photography is always for me a moment of contemplation and wonder, which I try to render sometimes more or less faithfully – perfect restitution of reality being by definition impossible – sometimes artistically embellished – as a painter could do – and sometimes in a completely different way through abstract artistic creation, like abstract painting, by analogy.

Generally speaking, the aim of my artistic approach is to bring beauty “to the world” and to share my artistic joy.

The beauty of nature created by God and the artistic beauty that man can produce inspired by the artistic gifts he has received, for example by photographing objects that are already artistic (architectural buildings, decorative objects, etc.) to immortalise their aestheticism are of a capital essence. If desired, the addition of a second artistic touch can contribute to the enhancement of the photographed object. For me, all these elements are part of this universal language, the language of Art, which crosses time.

My background and me

Born in Fribourg (Switzerland), I began to discover art first through drawing, during my early school years, thanks to the teaching of a passionate teacher.
With the arrival of the first micro-computers, I became interested in the possibilities offered by computers in the graphic field.
Parallel to this artistic interest, I began to discover filming and editing, particularly during the making of films for school trips as part of my business studies, but also in private personal settings or through festivals.

Afterwards, I joined an international organisation, where I worked for about twenty years.

These professional years were notably a period in which my passion for artistic photography developed in parallel, particularly nature photography, which I had discovered a few years earlier during a training course in nature photography given by a landscape photographer. During this course and those that followed, I was able to acquire a lot of knowledge and practical experience, which I have been able to supplement over the last 20 years and up to the present day by various training courses and self-training in relation to professional photography.

The organisation, in which I worked, also contributed to the development of my artistic photographic path, by giving me opportunities, particularly through certain photographic exhibitions that were organised there. 

Today, I have decided to devote myself fully to artistic photography, but also to professionalize it through other directions.

My artistic achievements to date

At the photographic level

Solo and group exhibitions at national (Fribourg, Bern, Geneva, Montreux) and international (New York and Paris) level.

Publications of my photographs in different art collections

At the video-cinematographic level

A short fiction film “Le Prix d’une Passion”, in 1995 (Selected in Swiss and German festivals) -> Remastered and available today in free access on Youtube

A personal photographic project among others

Publish a book on my abstract photographs