Art print

Art print

A work of art that will last over time


Before a print run, there are several steps…

The shooting

My shots are taken with top-of-the-range equipment using silver or digital cameras (Full Format) or (Medium Format) with sensors of more than 50 MP for the most part and high quality professional lenses.

The development and processing of my silver photographs

The development of my negative or slide films has always been carried out in professional photographic laboratories.
The prints from silver photography were made from the scanning of the slides by means of high quality scanners and underwent no treatment other than the usual minimum treatments made in laboratories.

The sometimes exceptional colour rendering of some abstract photographs (for which some people have often asked me, thinking they see a mystery) were made at the time of shooting by a personal technique, without any retouching treatment afterwards. The renderings revealed in these prints are thus almost identical to those of the original photographic slides, but obviously different from the reality of the moment when they were born, like the look of a fauvist painter, for example, in the painting he paints.

The development and processing of my digital photographs

Up to now, I have tried to do this in a minimal and minimally invasive way in order to preserve a more photographic perception than one where one might wonder whether it would still be a photograph or more of a computer-generated graphic image.

Art printing


The art print is above all a rare object from a limited series of 30 copies maximum (all media and formats combined). There will never be more than 30 copies sold in this form in the world.
Each photograph sold is delivered numbered, signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
The art prints produced are made for both printing and finishing in a professional lab.


I offer 3 types of finishes in 3 dimensions to choose from:


Art print only

Pigment print on Hahenmühle Fine Art paper, matt, with a longevity of over 100 years. Exceptionally fine
rendering. A popular paper. Museum quality for conservation.
(Ready to be framed)


Aluminium print

Premium print. Thanks to the technical process of thermosublimation, your photo is etched into the special coating of a light and robust 1 mm thin Dibond aluminium plate after first being printed on transfer paper using Fine Art Inkjet inks. Waterproof and therefore ideal for outdoor areas such as balconies or bathrooms. Brilliant colours and extremely durable. With aluminium hanging bracket glued on the back.
(Ready to be suspended)


Acrylic glass (Plexiglas) print

print on high gloss Fuji Crystal Professional silver paper, saturated colours and great precision in details. Print obtained by laser exposure and glued under acrylic glass (Galerie type thickness) and then laminated on a Dibond aluminium plate with an aluminium hanging support glued on the back. The stability and brilliance of the colours are guaranteed for more than 100 years (Ready to be suspended).

The 2nd and 3rd offers will give your photograph the appearance of floating “in space” and peeling off the wall; the hanging is invisible and the rendering is excellent.

The third possibility in Acrylic Glass Finish offers an exceptional rendering, a magnificence of colours and an impression of depth. Your print is glued under an acrylic glass plate of several millimetres. This type of glass not only protects the print from UV rays but also increases the colour density and depth of the blacks.

Each print contains my digital signature integrated on the front of the work and is hand-signed and numbered on the back of the work, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


All photographs have their own artistic value independent of each other and of the chosen finish. By acquiring an art photograph or an art print, you are buying a work of art. Not a simple photograph, but a work that will last over time beyond the scale of a human life.

Example of a certificate of authenticity

Example of the authentication label with holographic seal