The meeting of art and photography

Art and photography being for me deeply linked, it is in this perspective that I offer several services around them:

Art exhibitions

You are a museum, an art gallery or an art fair, national or international and are looking to showcase abstract art photography of nature…


then contact me.

Realistic commercial photography

Commissioned realistic photos from a large selection of photographs I took from the 4 corners of the globe, mainly of landscapes and nature. For people interested in nature, magazines or travel agencies, among others… then, let yourself be carried away by the desire of discovery through my realistic photographs that will make you travel…


by visiting my site…

Photographic services


Architectural and Interior Photography

You are
an architectural office in the French speaking part of Switzerland and need quality photographs of your new High Standing Design projects… then visit my website for more information.


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Real estate photography

You are a property manager or an owner of buildings in French- speaking Switzerland and need photographs to enhance your new high-end flats… then, visit my website… for more information… and discover my portfolio.


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Photographie écclésiale

Vous êtes un organisme ou une communauté écclésiale en Suisse ayant besoin de photographies de votre cathédrale, église ou monastère en extérieur ou intérieur (statues, tableaux, icones,…), alors visitez mon site … pour avoir davantage d’information et vous faire une idée en regardant son portfolio.


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Sports car photography

You own a Supercar or perhaps even a Hypercar and would like to have one or more photographs of it, taken in an artistic way in a personalised setting and then exhibited in your villa or simply to have a Book of it, or if you want to sell your Supercar with quality photos other than those that could be taken with a smartphone…

You are a garage or a specialised car agent located in Switzerland and need “artistic” photographs of your sports cars so that the artistic representation of them enhances even more the one already present in the design of your Supercars… then do not hesitate to visit my website… to discover my portfolio and find more information.


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Photography of cultural objects

If you are a museum or a foundation in Switzerland and you need photographs of your works of art… then please visit my website… to get more information and see my portfolio.

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